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What a storm!

I personally am very thankful that the Ice storm of 2009 is almost behind us! We managed pretty well here at the Huffman house though. We were without power for 52 hours, which can be daunting with 5 little ones.;-) We all huddled around the wood stove, read books and played board games. We cooked meals on the gas stove top. We were just getting ready to throw in the towel and and go stay in Lexington. We had decided to stick it out for one more night. Then, the power came on, just in time for American Idol, I might add. Talk about perfect timing!
Today is clean up day. The kids have been bathed, the laundry is just about caught up and the house is toasty warm. It was fun being a “Pioneer” for a few days, but I sure am thankful for hot water and electricity.

I hope you made it through the storm and stayed warm as well!


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