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Winter Update

My last post was in August. So, instead of apologizing for being unfaithful to the blog, we’ll just call this the winter update. I planned it this way…really.

This year I am homeschooling four kids.  My two youngest are both in kindergarten now. This kindergarten class is by far my toughest yet. How do teachers do this with a whole classroom full? I do enjoy it, a lot, but my brain is very tired at the end of the day. Third and fifth grade is easy compared to Kindergarten? Why? I think it’s because I’m laying whole foundations in Kindergarten. I laid those foundations one at a time with the 2 older kids.

The older kids are hitting the stage in life where they are busy. They still have fiddle lessons. In addition to that they recently joined the Lexington Children’s choir and they are doing gymnastics. I used to watch my friends with older kids run around like this and I felt sorry for them. I dreaded the days of being the “chauffeur”.  But, it turns out that it’s not so bad. We have “The Green Bag” which goes everywhere with us. What is that? Well, it’s a green bag which has The Green Bag” written in bold letters. In the green bag are a multitude of things to keep the little kids busy. There are crayons, coloring books, stickers, mazes and even punching balls.

When we arrive at an activity the little ones pull out their stuff and guess what I do. I pull out a book. A book! I have time to read now! This chauffeuring stuff isn’t so bad.

We started school in early August and as a result, we will be finishing at the end of April.  We are getting a pool pass and while the kids take swimming lessons and frolic in the water, guess what I’m going to do. Read books! Maybe I will even eek out some writing.

I have been doing  some writing here and there. I just finished adapting a play for our homeschool co-op. You’ll never guess what play we are doing. Canterbury Tales. Yep. I think I heard you gasp. Don’t worry. I stuck to the clean and virtuous tales and made them elementary kid friendly. If you don’t believe me, you can come see for yourself. I’ll let you know when.

Since I have finished the play, I am looking for some other writing opportunities. Ideas hit me all the time, and I’m kicking one around right now. It would be fun if I could pull it off. I can’t tell you what it is though. Sorry.

My husband’s new job has been a wonderful blessing. Yes, he misses the clinic and he fills in for Dr. C. from time to time. He’s always happy to see his patients. But, he absolutely loves his new job.  I absolutely love his new job too!

He works 7 days and then he is off for 7 days. He has had much more time to spend with the kids and I. He is teaching the kids Latin and he helps them with their music lessons. Every other Friday we have family day. We have taken some neat family day field trips. Last week we went to see the Titanic display at the Louisville Science Center.

Having every other week off will provide some great opportunities this spring and summer.  I might be  going to Spain in a few weeks! I have a friend who is studying there, so now is my chance to see her and to see a place that I have always dreamed of visiting.  Also, we hope to take the kids to fiddle camp this summer, and possibly, Joshua may be going to Haiti. So, there are all these opportunities that we can participate in now, because Joshua has that extra time. On top of all that, life is much less stressful these days, which has been a very good thing.

In my last post I mentioned that we had a new baby. Baby J stayed with us for four months. We love him very much and he will always be a part of us. We love his parents and are happy that he is with them now. Adoption and foster care makes for a big extended family. I love it!

We have, however, closed our home to foster care. All the letting go last year was tough on the little ones. (And Mom and Dad) We have decided that, for this season, we are done. I think I’ve said that before, only to re-open our home a few months later. This time is different though.

Although, my oldest daughter wants only one thing for her birthday. She wants a baby from China. We haven’t ventured down that path yet. Maybe someday, but for now, we are enjoying having kids who can feed themselves, dress themselves and buckle themselves in the car.

God is good! Life is good. I am enjoying this restful and happy season. I hope that whatever season you are in, you are discovering God’s goodness in the midst of it.


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