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Schools out! Yippee! The teacher and kids are giddy. We kicked off summer vacation by taking a trip to Disney World. We had a great time and the kids are already wondering if we are going back next year. I love Disney! In one day we managed to go to the moon, we walked through Ireland, had lunch in China, had dinner in Morocco and dessert in France. One night we ate African food at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The restaurant is called Boma and the food was amazing! Do we have any African restaurants around here?

I did not go to Spain. I just couldn’t leave my family for that long. Someday I will go and take them all with me.

This summer is going to be busy, but good. Josh will be doing some traveling. He’ll be going to Texas in a few weeks. The kids and I were going to go with him, but we decided the 18 hour car drive was a bit much. So, he’s going to fly. He’ll be taking some classes and having some down time. That will be nice for him. I’m a little disappointed that we aren’t going, but we will manage to have some fun at home without him. In August, he may be going to on a medical mission trip to Haiti. The kids and I will be spending lots of time with friends, at the pool and enjoying our farm.

I also plan to do lots of writing this summer. I am very excited about this! I have heard different writers talk about how their stories came to them. I wondered if one would ever come to me. Over the years, as I have sat on my front porch, bits and pieces of one has come. Recently it has gotten to where I walk around with the story continually expanding inside my head. It’s all in there. I’m so afraid that I am going to forget it all and I am just trying to write out as much as I can. I’ll organize it later. For now, I just have to bring that story to life. I can’t tell you too much, but I will say that it may not be something that you would expect from me. It’s not something I would expect from myself, to be honest. My husband is also working on a story. Well, he’s slightly bolder than I am. I say “I’m writing a story.” He says, “I’m writing a book.”  Anyway, it’s fun that we are doing this together. I confess that I am being spurred on by some creative rivalry. When he announced that he was starting a book, something inside of me said, “I’m going to write one first!”  I think that competitive edge will keep us both going for a while.

This past school year I wrote a play adaptation of Canterbury Tales for our homeschool co-op. I had a blast doing it! My friend Sarah did an amazing job at directing the play and another friend designed all the sets. It took a lot of people to pull it off and It was neat to see so many people working together. I could never ever direct a play or paint sets. I am amazed at people who can. They might feel the same way about writing. My favorite part of the entire production was seeing all the different giftings mesh together to make something that none of us could have made on our own.  It was hard work and it was a lot of fun. Most importantly, it was a wonderful learning experience for the kids.

It’s time to leave blogland and get on to cooking dinner and cleaning up the house. I’ll try to post again soon.



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