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Hello again

Nobody told me how they were doing. I want to know. How’s your job? How’s school? What’s happening in your life? I’m waiting to hear from YOU.

Things at my house are a little blah tonight. I have three sick kiddos that haven’t felt like doing much of anything today. Joshua is working, so it’s 8:59 and I’m the only one up. It’s strangely quiet.

I want to tell you that up until today, when the blahs hit, we have been on a great schedule. I am extremely excited about this! You see, every year I try new schedules and then it’s so hard to stick to them. This year we have a schedule that works and we are sticking to it. I think this will be our best school year yet. My classroom is also awesome this year! It’s organized and it functions well.

We are busy this year, and I think that busyness is helping us keep our good schedule. Everything has to be done in a timely fashion, otherwise, it simply won’t get done. Also, the kids are pitching in a lot more around the house. Everyone has their jobs. My oldest daughter takes care of the animals, my son empties and loads the dishwasher, my other son is responsible for picking up all the outside toys and my littlest girls sets and clears the table. Everyone is responsible for their own bedroom and and each kid has a bathroom to keep clean. On Sunday Joshua checks rooms and bathrooms and finds out if everyone has been doing their job. If they have, they get an allowance. If their rooms and bathrooms are cleaned, they get a little bonus. It’s working well for us. There is much less stress when everyone pitches in. Many hands truly do make light work.

Joshua’s new job also allows time for him to work around the farm. His big project right now is gathering up fallen limbs and re-establishing some of the walking trails that we used to have. I am particularly excited about that! I used to love roaming around those paths, and I look forward to doing it again. I’m not sure what his next project will be, but he did just finish setting up a tool workshop. Maybe he’ll build a raccoon and snake proof chicken coop!

I’m sort of rambling here. I’m tired. I didn’t get much sleep last night and don’t expect to tonight. So, on that note, goodnight.

Tell me how you are doing please or I’m going to have to stop blogging altogether.


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September Update

Here we go again. Do you want to know what I dislike about blogging? It’s so self-centered.   So, let me start out by asking, How are you? Did you have a nice summer? What’s God doing in your life?  I really want to know. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.



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