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Today I feel totally overwhelmed, in a good way. I am overwhelmed by the lovingkindness of my Heavenly Father. I’m overwhelmed by His handiwork.  I am overwhelmed by His blessings.

I am at this strangely content place in life. I wish that I could say I am always content. I struggle with being still and waiting. I always want to know what’s going to happen next. I can get way ahead of things in my mind. But right now, I just feel at peace. I am okay with whatever happens next.

I remember another time when I was overwhelmed, in a scary way. I went in to the hospital to have my son, Nathaniel. The doctor had some concerns about him and decided to deliver him early due to a “gut feeling.” I was extremely worried about him and on top of that, I began having vasovagal. I never had that before and it was terrifying, which caused me to panic. My chest felt like it had a huge weight on it I felt like I couldn’t breathe. My heart was racing and my baby’s heart rate was dropping. Everything around me was a blur, but as I lay on the operating table being prepped for a c-section, the anesthesiologist  leaned over and started stroking my face. In her foreign accent she said, “There, there. You are just a little highly strung. Relax.” In my panicky state, I comprehended what she said and got a little mad. I thought, “You’d be a little highly strung if it was you laying here!” They quickly delivered my son and discovered that his chord had a tight knot in it. Later the doctor told me that if we had waited even two more days, it could have been too late. I learned two things that day. First, I really am a little highly strung at times. (Though it took a while for me to admit it) Second, I can trust God. He had a plan for my son and He gave that doctor that gut feeling.

Admittedly I have been a little highly strung lately as I wait on the arrival of another son. However, over the past two weeks I have been able to take a deep breath and just trust that God is in control and his timing is perfect. Thank You, Father.  I know you have a plan. I trust You and I rest in the overwhelming knowledge that You are in control.


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Family Day

“I love you and Daddy. And, I love family day.” Those were my five-year-old daughter’s first words to me this morning. Yep, it brought tears to my eyes and made my heart swell. I love family day too.

We have family day every other Friday. My husband has a unique work schedule. He works 7 days, and then he has 7 days off. Yes, his weeks on are long and busy weeks, but it is worth it for the 7 days off. Since we homeschool, our schedule is fairly flexible. On the weeks that he works, we do 6 days of school. Then, on his off week, we do 4 days and take the Friday as family day.

We do different things. Sometimes we might make a weekend out of it and go stay at a hotel. We’ve done day trips to different Historical spots. Yesterday we were going to head to downtown Lexington to the Spotlight on Lexington festival. However, since my oldest  daughter has been feeling poorly (Mono), we decided to do something a little more low key. We went shoe shopping and then out to eat Indian food for lunch. (Our favorite!) Then we headed to the pet store and bought a new guinea pig to replace Funky Ricky, who died. (Welcome to the family Spunky Ricky.) Then we all (Including S.R.) went to the movies. After that we headed home and introduced the Guinea Pig to his new cagemate. Googles. We all hung out together in the family room, laughing at the guinea pigs and playing together. After we were fairly confident that the pigs were not going to hurt each other, we took a drive to Harrodsburg and ate at another favorite  restaurant, The old Owl Tavern. After dinner we walked around the Beaumont Inn for a while and then headed home to watch the Clone Wars. That was family day. Nothing fancy or elaborate and mostly spontaneous. However, that mostly spontaneous day touched my little girl and filled up her little heart with love. That’s my favorite part of family day!

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