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Big Tiny

A few weeks ago I posted about the agony I was in, waiting to meet our son. Within a day of writing that post, I was holding him in my arms. Someday I want to write about it all. It was strange holding him for the first time with a room full of eyes on me.  Since that day he has been spending more and more time at our home. On Tuesday, our home will officially become his home.

I am struck by how God enjoys surprising me. My last 2 children have been delightful surprises. Our little girl joined our family on 3 hours notice. Every baby item that I had was packed away in storage. And yet, by the time I brought her home from the hospital that afternoon, we were totally ready for her. My husband left for work being a father of 3 and came home a father of 4. What a wonderful day that was!

This time, I had come to a place of contentment. I always hoped for 5 or 6 children, at least, but I came to the conclusion that we were done. I knew if the Lord willed, He would add more. I gave away or sold all of my baby stuff. I put the very last of it in the Goodwill box on Thursday. The following Wednesday our former social worker called and said, “I want to tell you about a situation.” ¬† I feel like my Heavenly father has just handed me a spectacular gift. I am so blessed!

Everybody keeps telling me how lucky our boy, “Big Tiny”, is to be becoming a Huffman. I say, we are the ones who are blessed. I can’t believe that I get to be this sweet boy’s mama. Of all the people that could have been chosen to be his family, God chose us. What an honor. Thank you, Lord.


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