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It seems everyone has a different definition of normal. For example, my husband and I went to see the movie Fireproof last weekend. You can read more about that in this week’s column. The movie stars Kirk Cameron. If you were a child in the 80s and early 90s you will remember him as Mike Seaver from the show, Growing Pains. In 1990 Cameron became a Christian and his entire worldview changed. Chelsea Noble played his on screen sweetheart and a true love connection was made. They have been married since 1991, and they have six children.

Cameron made a commitment to his wife that he would never kiss another woman, not even for the purpose of acting. So, in the movie Fireproof there is a kissing scene. However, Cameron does not kiss his co-star. His wife stepped in as the body double and did the kissing scene. To me, this seems very normal. A married man should not kiss another woman. .

I have been on several forums and websites where people are downright angry because of his choice. They are calling him names, bashing his faith and being plain old mean. They are offended because he had the audacity to make, and then to honor that commitment to his wife. They think that it simply isn’t normal and that Cameron is weird.

I am baffled. Why would anybody find Cameron’s decision anything but honorable? If Kirk Cameron is weird, then so am I. I believe in the sanctity of marriage. I’m proud to be a weirdo. The world needs more of us.


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